Granite Slab for GTA Kitchen Countertops

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Granite slab is a GTA favourite for kitchen countertops. Read on to learn why granite is the best economic choice for your kitchen.

Granite Slab for GTA Countertops

Granite slab is the natural choice for countertop material. This fine stone is one of the world’s hardest substances and scores a #7 on the Mohs scale. Granite is heat resistant, stain resistant and scratch resistant. It is simple to clean (with mild soap and water). And granite is one of the most beautiful natural materials that you can choose for your home. It’s available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, and each piece of stone is unique. Having a granite countertop is like having a work of art as the centrepiece of your kitchen! Granite slab is obviously the best choice for GTA countertops. However, many homeowners opt for laminate or other synthetic material because it is less expensive than stone. Or is it?

Myths About Countertops

  • Granite is prohibitively expensive. No, it’s not! It’s true that granite requires more of an investment than laminate or other synthetic countertops. But, in recent years, fine stone has become more affordable than ever before. For centuries, extracting granite from a quarry was backbreaking work, requiring the physical labour of many men. With advances in technology that began to be implemented in the 1980s, the process of quarrying stone became far less onerous. Consequently, more stone can be quarried each year, and prices reflect that. Before you dismiss the idea of fine stone countertops, do a careful price comparison.
  • Much less expensive synthetic countertops are just as durable. First, a manufactured synthetic countertop is only less expensive than stone if it never has to be replaced. And, in fact, manmade products often wear out. Granite is the stone that buildings such as the Taj Mahal and monuments like Canada’s National War Memorial are made of; it will endure for many hundreds of years. With proper care, you’ll never have to replace your granite countertop. However, synthetics are vulnerable to heat, dents and scratches. And when you check the price of synthetic solid surface countertops, you will discover that they are not, in fact, that much less expensive.
  • Buying synthetic is the smart economic choice. Buying stone is a far savvier economic decision. While you may save a few dollars initially by buying synthetic, investing in a granite countertop adds resale value to your home.

Safe and Natural

In addition, granite is a safe choice. Although some concerns were raised a few years ago about the possibility that radon could be associated with granite countertops, Health Canada studied dozens of types of granite commonly used in Canada in 2010 and found that none of them showed significant radon levels. Because granite is an all-natural substance, if your fabricator uses eco-friendly adhesives, you don’t have to worry about VOC emissions. Granite naturally repels mold, bacteria and other contaminants, so it provides a healthy surface for food preparation and eating.
Learn more about the many advantages of granite countertops. Visit the showroom of a GTA stone importer-distributor and discover the many types of stone available.